Monday, June 12, 2006

Learning To Learn - with Web 2.0 technologies

Learning has changed significantly in the past few years as the knowledge needs of people and tools available to them have changed.

Learning Before:
  • Most learning happened in the classroom
  • The knowledge was sufficient for decades with very little upgrading (2)
  • Half life of knowledge was large
  • The pressure to continuously learn new things was less
  • Learning was formal
  • Learning was individual
  • Learning was generic
  • Lecturing was only related to factual information
  • Teacher and print media served as the primary means of communication and information
  • Learning was separated from the rest of the community
Learning Now:
  • Only 10-20% of learning happens in the classroom (1)
  • Only fundamentals last… the knowledge changes
  • Half life of knowledge is less (3)
  • The pressure to continuously learn new things is VERY high
  • Learning is informal (4)
  • Learning is networked & collaborative (5)
  • Learning is personalized (6)
  • Lecturing is about guiding, motivating, and facilitating (7)
  • Learning using a vast variety of media including the Internet (7)
  • Learning now occurs globally (7)

Now let's see what Kathy Sierra has to say about ideal learning (more...)

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